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Episode one

For Kenya Shaw, it’s been four years  trying to establish her indie record label from the basement of her father’s house. She soon discovers that planning success is futile.


Episode two

In episode two... Kenya realizes that there are some similarities between being a grown-up and being an entrepreneur--neither of which she's gotten any good at yet.


Episode three

Sports and life have some parellels, and whether in business or in dating, Kenya realizes that having the right game plan can give you a better chance at scoring.




Don't hate the Player

While trying to figure out her next play to run with Tk’s career, Kenya realizes that there are some important parallels between the music industry and sports.




Hate the Game

Kenya, Ty, and J discuss the idea of how and when women should just go for what they want, and what plays work best when out in the field.




Fourth and Long

Kenya meets renowned dating coach, Kenneth Gold, who helps her understand the rules of the game and gives her some insider tips on why she’s having problems scoring


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Belabop - SEPT 2020


You’ll love the narrator, music, story & quality of this show. I wish I could watch it on t.v.!!

JSimms277 - July 2020


Love the multiple story lines and the creator’s voice is magic.

Hadjimds - MAY 2020

LOVING IT! This is one of those podcast that not only leaves you wanting more but keeps on giving!


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